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Manifest Abundance by Shannon Jamail

It is what many of us are seeking right? MORE of something. More money, more love, more success, more peace. We seek abundance in many areas of our lives, and yet, more often than not we are blocking it simply because we are trying to control the receiving of it.

Carl Jung, one of my favorite psychoanalytic fathers, stated, “what we resists, persists”. This is true in how we seek abundance. If we don’t believe we deserve it, or if we are manic in our control of receiving it; then we are not in ease and therefore are actually fighting against abundance. Think of swimming in an uphill current. Hard, difficult, and, possibly, impossible.

Three ‘rules’ of abundance:

  • First – whatever it is that you want is perfectly fine and good. Whether it is more love or more money- if it is your desire and your desire is for good then it is perfect and we are deserving of it and capable of achieving it.

  • Second – although we may seek MORE, we must first be happy and content with what we have. This doesn’t mean we don’t desire things, it means that until we are grateful and aware of the blessings we currently have (no matter what size or how they appear), then it is in our non-aknowledgment that we block our ability to receive.

  • Third – everything works in reciprocity. Everything. If you seek more love, you must give it. If you seek more peace, you must offer it. If you seek more money, you must share what you have already. We cannot hold tight to what we have with closed fists expecting to receive that which we won’t freely give.

Ways you may be blocking abundance:

  • You continuously seek and speak about the things that are wrong in your life

  • You think about and talk about the debt you have (even when you are talking about “reducing debt” you are still talking about debt- instead think & speak about financial freedom)

  • You speak from a problem based perspective vs a solution based perspective

  • You expect bad things to happen, bills to be in the mail, bad news to be delivered in a call, email or letter

  • You expect people to cheat you, double cross you or lie to you

  • You believe that other peoples’ success means there is not enough for you to also be successful

Now that we know how we are blocking it, how can we attract abundance?

Release your expectation of it. You read that right. Release your expectations. As my book talks about, surrender into the process and trust that the outcome, no matter what it looks like, is right and perfect for you.

Find gratitude in the now. As mentioned earlier, seek your blessings in this moment. Be purposeful about it. Continuously send out thanks and gratitude for each thing, person and encounter. Each one is good- even if that good is a learning experience. Spend your free time, not on social media, but in a place of gratitude- sending and receiving. Consider sending out thank you notes, every day, for 30 days straight (<—insert fireworks here).

Be in joy. Nothing good happens when we are in dark spaces and out of alignment. Like attracts like- so find joy, humor and love in your space and purposefully vibrate with these emotions too.

Fully align. Don’t surround yourself with negative naysayers. Create affirmations. Watch funny movies. Read inspiring books. Meditate daily on your desires. Create a vision board. Listen to uplifting podcasts and music. Don’t allow your alignment to be misguided by someone or something else. You are in control here.

As a gift to you, I want to share my own daily manifestation meditation. By listening to it daily, you are creating a specific energy of ease and being available to receive. You are removing your blocks and allowing abundance to enter.

Wishing you an abundance of all that you desire.


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